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Portsmouth International Endoscopy Symposium

1st – 3rd Feb 2018


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Come and see live endoscopy demonstrations from around the world

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Internationally renowned speakers bringing the best of endoscopy from around the world

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11th Portsmouth International Endoscopy Symposium 2018

We are delighted to invite you to our Eleventh Annual Portsmouth Advance Endoscopy Symposium 2018. This course brings to you updates on the very latest advances of gastrointestinal endoscopy techniques and technology with live cases & real time videos.

This year, there will be live endoscopy transmitted real time from international centres.

The course will benefit individuals involved in endoscopy including GI physicians, surgeons, trainees, nurses and GPs with special interest in endoscopy. The topics are presented by a distinguished faculty of national and international leaders in the world of endoscopy.

We are moving to a new and exciting venue of lake side conference centre.

Course Faculty

Course Director

Professor Pradeep Bhandari

Consultant Gastroenterologist,
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth


  • Dr. Cesare Hassan  –  Rome, Italy

  • Prof. Alessandro Repici  –  Milan, Italy

  • Dr. Amol Bapaye  –  Pune, India

  • Dr. Shyam Varadarajulu  –  Orlando, USA

  • Prof. Marc Giovannini  –  Marseille, France

  • Dr. Alberto Herreros  –  Madrid, Spain

  • Prof. Mostafa Ibrahim –  Brussels, Belgium

  • Prof. Raf Bisschops –  Leuven, Belgium

  • Prof. Pinghong Zhou –  Shanghai, China

  • Prof. Michel Kahaleh –  New York, USA

  • Dr. Yohei Minato –  Japan

  • Dr. Abdulrahman Alfadda –  Riyadh, KSA

  • Prof. Helmut Neumann –  Mainz Germany

  • Dr. Michal Spychalski Brzezinach –  Poland

  • Dr. Rehan Haidry  –  London, UK

  • Dr. Yeng Ang –  Salford, UK

  • Dr. Matthew Banks –  London, UK

  • Dr. Andrew Veitch –  Wolverhampton, UK

  • Dr. George Webster –  London, UK

  • Dr. James East –  Oxford, UK

  • Dr. Sunil Dolwani –  Cardiff, UK

  • Dr. Bu Hayee –  London, UK

  • Mr. Amyn Haji –  London, UK

  • Dr. Noriko Suzuki –  London, UK

  • Dr. Edward Despott –  London, UK

  • Dr. Ray Mccrudden –  Bournemouth, UK

  • Dr. John Anderson –  Cheltenham, UK

  • Dr. Marietta Iaccuci –  Birmingham, UK

  • Dr. Adolfo Parra-Blanco –  Nottingham, UK

  • Dr. Alberto Murino –  London, UK

  • Dr. Dav Bansi  –  London, UK

  • Dr. Fergus Thursby-Pelham  –  Portsmouth, UK

  • Dr. Gaius Longcroft-Wheaton –  Portsmouth, UK

  • Dr. Pat Goggin –  Portsmouth, UK

  • Mrs. Jacqueline Douglas –  Portsmouth, UK

  • Mrs. Lisa Childs –  Portsmouth, UK

  • Mrs. Tamsin Ward  –  Portsmouth, UK

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